Saturday, April 10, 2010

America's Fourth Automaker

The American Motors Corporation was formed in 1954 when two automakers, Nash and Hudson, merged. Though Hudson was known for making some very nice autos, the new marriage would lead to the birth of some four-wheeled atrocities.

AMC was very innovative in their design. I think the reason many American cars of the 1980's were so boxy and utilitarian looking was because unique looks initially sold well but, then when the autos got older, odd design features became a detractor.

The Picture above is of an AMC Pacer. When it first showed up it was so unique looking that everybody wanted one. Then they became rust buckets.

Many likened the Pacer to a rolling greenhouse because sitting inside of one was like being in a glass dome. You did not want to leave a baby or a pet in one on a hot day!

Made famous again in the movie, 'Wayne's World,' the Pacer is now a collectible.