Thursday, April 15, 2010

AMC and Renault

By 1980 Renault had a 46% stake in American motors and cars from the French automaker began appearing in North America.

Most were boxy, economical cars like the Renault Alliance. But Americans could now buy a sports car from the French automaker called the Fuego:

The Fuego is a pretty unique looking car now. But imagine seeing 100's of them if you lived in the 1980's. They were cheap, prone to rust, and had bizarre plastic trim that looked like it circled the car.

I had a friend who, when he lived in Britain, owned a Fuego. It was black and he fondly remembers that the kids who lived on his street used to think that it looked like the car from, 'Knight Rider.'

I didn't realize that cars in the UK are so ugly that a Fuego could be mistaken for a Pontiac Trans Am!