Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ugly NYC Taxi Cabs?

The Checker Marathon was the iconic taxi cab for so many years and is something many still think about when they think about New York City.

But the Checker Motor Company couldn't go on building the durable car forever. Production ceased in 1982 after more than 20 years. The last yellow Checker NYC cab was retired in 1999.

Since then yellow Chevrolet Caprice's and then the Ford Crown Victoria have been common sites on NYC roads.

But the age of the big sedan may be coming to an end and minivans may seem like a better people mover. NYC has chosen the Nissan NV200 as the next vehicle cab companies will be painting yellow.


Dandelion Menace said...

It's time for them to make a Checker hybrid!

Public Domain Pics said...

Small minivans will be more conveniant and easier for people to get into and out of.

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