Monday, June 20, 2011

1989-1991 Dodge Daytona. (Also sold as the Chrysler Daytona).

I saw this car in Port Credit, Ontario.

In the 1990's it seemed like Chrysler had built these things for forty years because there were so many of them around. And they forced them on consumers with rebate after rebate. Today, though, it is a pretty unique looking car.

An interesting story about these cars is that when Chrysler was building them, they bought Lamborghini. Sports car purists will shudder: There was a plan to put a Lambo engine in a Daytona and sell it to the public! This Lambo-Dodge was to be called the, 'Decepzione.' Luckily the project was abandoned due to the mechanical difficulties incurred when you try to put a Lamborghini engine into a Dodge Daytona.

The last Daytona rolled of the lines in 1993 and they had been built for almost ten years with only minor changes. While a mundane sports car in its era, today it is an icon representing the automotive industry of the 1980's and 90's.