Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not So Ugly Vintage Chrysler Imperial

I saw this car in Parkdale, Toronto...

And it is one BIG car!

By today's standards it is huge. In the 1960's it was already a top-of-the-line large car. But imagine driving this thing around a metropolitan city.

Although most people will see this as a CHRYSLER Imperial, Imperial was its own brand between 1955 and 1975. This was to compete with the more popular Cadillacs and Lincolns. Before '55 and after '75, the Chrysler name was used infront of Imperial to denote this flagship of all things Mopar.

While a nice looking car, for every 10 Cadillacs sold in the 1960's, only 1 Imperial found a home. The biggest reason why is because these cars were seen as an overpriced, oversized Dodge, while clever marketing on GM's part made Cadillac stand out way ahead of Chevrolet.

Today this is certainly a rare classic!