Monday, July 11, 2011

Rust Buckets of the 1980s

Chrysler bought American Motors Corporation, the makers of Jeep, in 1987. Before the takeover, a lot of the cars that Americas fourth automaker was building were really Renaults. But before that they came up with their own cars...

AMC had been very innovative in their designs. I think the reason many American cars of the 1980's were so boxy and utilitarian looking was because unique looks initially sold well but, then when the autos got older, odd design features became a detractor.

The Picture above is of an AMC Pacer. When it first showed up it was so unique looking that everybody wanted one. Then they became rust buckets.

Many likened the Pacer to a rolling greenhouse because sitting inside of one was like being in a glass dome. You did not want to leave a baby or a pet in one on a hot day!

While many of these were made in the darker automotive time called the 1970's, anyone from the 1980's is familiar with them. They may have been ugly but, certainly, were built to last!