Answers to Name that Ugly Car!

The 2001 to 2003 RENAULT AVANTIME: What is it??? Is it an SUV or a coupe. Or a big sports car???

The recently introduced NISSAN CUBE. It looks like it was designed on a Sony Playstation II.                                                                                                

The 1996 to 1999 MERCURY SABLE. If you buy a car with a logo that looks like a vacuum cleaner attachment what do you expect in the way of design?The rear ends of two NISSAN MURANOS.

The PONTIAC AZTEK was pretty unique looking to say the least. It was made from between 2001 to 2005.

The back of a KIA SOLL.

The first incarnation of the PONTIAC TRANS SPORT. Driving one of these made you feel like you were landing a space shuttle.